Aimlessly wander

Found this practice on Bindu Wiles’ blog, about the balance between structure and not:

Aimlessly Wander. This is a practice that is taught in the Shambhala Warrior training that I completed and is the idea of my teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Basically, you go outside with maybe some money or your debit card and maybe your iPhone set to Airport, or none of those things. You just go out. Maybe you take the train, maybe you drive, maybe you just walk. What you do, is you let yourself be pulled in any direction that you want, and you look at things and stop when you feel, and move again when you feel. You may find yourself inside a restaurant or sitting at a sidewalk cafe or you may never sit down, or you may sit on a bench for as long as you like. The whole time you are looking and noticing and letting yourself wander aimlessly. It can go on for hours. It’s done in a very relaxed state and you let your conceptual mind rest and go along for the direction and ride that your senses pull you in. It’s as if you were seeing everything for the first time.

Today, as I move, the contemplation of aimlessly wandering brings joy. Hope it brings joy to you too.


2 thoughts on “Aimlessly wander

  1. Is there an exercise of some kind to instantly get you back in an ego death state?

    I could go read a book or something that I have, but reading words doesn’t always work when you want it to.


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