What makes you really, really well?

I posted this question on Facebook and got some great answers, listed below.

  • sleep
  • breathing deep
  • listening
  • taking time/space
  • to dance and get out of my head and into my body
  • a job well done
  • great conversation
  • lots of love being shared
  • right now, a really good cry (from Carol, whose grandmother just died)
  • gardening
  • petting Mango the Cat
  • talking to my friends
  • going for a walk by myself
  • listening to beautiful music
  • cooking delicious food
  • giving to others
  • watching the rain
  • dancing my heart out with kindred spirits
  • being in nature
  • receiving rainbow seeds from a friend : )
  • when I remember to quiet my mind and breathe

For myself, what makes me feel really well are:

  • having a good cuddle with Mango
  • releasing stress from my body through the trauma releasing exercises and yoga
  • reaching that place of inner stillness and silence that is so alive and vast while meditating
  • definitely getting a good night’s sleep
  • deep easy breathing
  • really connecting with another person

What makes you feel really, really well? Please add (even if it’s a repeat) your experience in the comments. Thanks!

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