First restore, THEN move in!

I teach restorative yoga, and a friend and fellow yogi who attended my Free Day of Yoga restorative class last Labor Day, Shelley Seale, invited me to teach a class at her new live/work space — the morning before she moved in.

There were seven of us yogis in this awesome space, getting all chill before the strenuous, stressful work of moving.

I can only imagine what it must be like to move after having a 90-minute restorative yoga session. I want to try it for my next move.

I want to recognize Shelley for having such a creative, collaborative idea, and letting some OMs fill her fabulous new space!

If you want to do something like that, please get in touch!


Another note: My Sunday evening restorative yoga class is settling on just the right time during these lengthening days. We’ll now meet at 7 and end at 8:30.


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