Repost: Tracking the Hadzabe: One of Africa’s Last Nomadic Bush Tribes

Tracking the Hadzabe: One of Africa’s Last Nomadic Bush Tribes.

My friend and fellow writer Shelley Seale went to Africa and had one of the most interesting days I can imagine, spending time with the Hadzabe, a small, remote bush tribe who still live by hunting and gathering, speak using clicks, and are uninterested in seeing photographs. Fascinating!

She also camped in the Serengeti and awoke to giraffes grazing right outside her tent!

Lucky gal!

Upcycle for Fun and Fashion! « 30 Days at a Time

Upcycle for Fun and Fashion! « 30 Days at a Time.

My friend and fellow blogger Shelley Seale mentioned the upcycled t-shirt that I wore to Community Yoga a couple of weekends ago.

I love Shelley’s year of blogging about her 30-day experiments. She’s currently doing 30 days of learning, and she learned how to upcycle an old t-shirt into a cool messenger bag by taking a local class. Click the link above to check it out!

My girly cut t-shirt with the front and back woven lattice work was something I picked up at Austin City Limits, at Drive By Press‘ booth. It has a screen print of a Victrola on the front.

This video shows how to do the cutting and weaving. I’m not usually that crafty, but I’m going to make myself some out of thrift store t-shirts. They’re especially great to wear over yoga tops before and after class.

And by the way, I take delight in posting a more profound post like the previous one about recovering from trauma and following it with a light-hearted fun post. Why? Because I can.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then I contradict myself.
(I am large; I contain multitudes.) ~~ Walt Whitman

New 30-Day Project: The Month of Living on Discounts (via 30 Days at a Time)

My friend Shelley Seale is doing a series of 30-day projects this year. She’s calling it “the year of living consciously”. She’s worn no more than 6 items of outerwear, eaten only locally grown food, meditated, practiced happiness and giving and living sustainably for 30 days at a time, and then incorporated what works into her life.

Now she’s starting 30 days of living on discounts. Can’t wait to learn more about living well frugally!

New 30-Day Project: The Month of Living on Discounts Today I start my newest 30-Day experiment – using only coupons, Groupons and other discounts on everything I buy. I already take some good advantage of things like Groupons, but this 30-day period I will push it to the limit to see if I can live for an entire month doing only that with everything I buy. A guy named Josh Stevens lived off Groupon for a entire year, and blogged about it. Keep reading for more rules and guidelines that I've laid out … Read More

via 30 Days at a Time

First restore, THEN move in!

I teach restorative yoga, and a friend and fellow yogi who attended my Free Day of Yoga restorative class last Labor Day, Shelley Seale, invited me to teach a class at her new live/work space — the morning before she moved in.

There were seven of us yogis in this awesome space, getting all chill before the strenuous, stressful work of moving.

I can only imagine what it must be like to move after having a 90-minute restorative yoga session. I want to try it for my next move.

I want to recognize Shelley for having such a creative, collaborative idea, and letting some OMs fill her fabulous new space!

If you want to do something like that, please get in touch!


Another note: My Sunday evening restorative yoga class is settling on just the right time during these lengthening days. We’ll now meet at 7 and end at 8:30.