108 blog views yesterday! Thank you!

Not long after I started my blog, in February 2010, I had my best day in terms of readers ever — my blog got 89 views.

That day was totally an anomaly. I was averaging 6 views a day those first couple of months, except for that one day. Sometimes WordPress features a blog, and a lot of people look at it. That’s all I can figure.

Yesterday, May 23, 2011, I finally surpassed that record. I had 108 views (auspicious number!). There’s a lot of interest in my posts about the Herzog film The Cave of Forgotten Dreams and in a post on being gluten-free that I also posted a link to on Gluten-Free Girl’s blog.

Several readers read posts about reiki and Fran Bell.

There’s continuing interest in shaking medicine and trauma releasing exercises.

Also, a lot of people are finding my blog these days searching on “spartan trailer” or something similar. That topic (housing) is not really related to the rest of my blog, except in terms of lifestyle design. Moving into a trailer is an experiment for me.

I’m thinking about starting a separate blog about the trailer but feeling uncertain if I have the energy to keep up two blogs. I’m fixin’ to get busy with my return to school.

So maybe I’ll just post photos of the trailer when it gets here (hopefully within two weeks) and as I repair and renovate it, and post the link here. I’ll let y’all know what I decide.

My blog has been getting over 50 views a day for weeks now. It’s very gratifying! My writing has improved with practice, and more kindred spirits around the world are finding this blog, commenting, and subscribing.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, I just want to say thanks for reading me, thanks for leaving comments (200 now!), and thanks for subscribing!

I love writing, following my fascinations, and getting your feedback and suggestions and stories and support.

I feel more connected. I hope you do too.


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