Core Transformation is a process that amplifies well-being

Sometimes we believe we have to do something (or not do something) before we can experience a sweet state of being such as peace, love, feeling one with everything, etc.

If only I wasn’t so nervous, I’d feel more confident about a troublesome situation.

Core Transformation is a process where you can learn to experience a pleasant, desirable state of being (maybe even more pleasant and desirable than you can currently imagine!) without having to do something to get there.

rainbow, The Well, ATXThat’s right, you can experience these states regardless of what happens (or doesn’t happen) because your mind creates states of being. You can learn to work with your mind and be way more than 10 percent happier!

This isn’t a standard part of NLP practitioner or master practitioner training, but it is a well-known NLP process and training created by Connirae and Tamara Andreas and described in their 1994 book Core Transformation: Reaching The Wellspring Within.

Mark Andreas (son and nephew respectively of Connirae and Tamara) will be teaching this process in Austin this summer. Read more about it on his blog here. Register for the training here.

I recommend getting the book and attending the training, because doing it with others is way more powerful and transformative than just reading about it.

If you’re in Austin and want to play with this, please contact me! I love taking people through this process.

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