Juicing with watermelon

Here we are at the beginning of fall. The last watermelons are in the stores while pumpkins are beginning to appear in Central Texas, USA.

This past summer of 2015,  I had a blast making juices with watermelon as the main ingredient. Seedless watermelons are so easy to work with, abundant, and inexpensive. You start with the sweetness of the watermelon and can add layers of flavor: sour, hot, herbal, fragrant, smoked, savory, and/or salty elements to that yumminess.

Although I make a lot of juices that are all veggies or veggies plus fruit, for some reason it seemed important to keep the juice red in color, so I didn’t try adding kale, spinach, or parsley, which I’m sure would have made the juice more nutritious, if less pretty to look at.

I had fun combining watermelon with other flavors, and I usually tweeted the recipes. I don’t measure, so measurements aren’t included. Use your tastebuds and common sense!

Here’s a compilation:

  • Watermelon, raspberries, lime juice, coconut oil, and pink salt.
  • Watermelon, lime juice, rose water, sea salt.
  • Watermelon, rose water, and freshly picked mint.
  • Watermelon, rose water, and cayenne.
  • Watermelon, raspberries, lime juice, and smoked chili powder.
  • Watermelon, lime juice, freshly picked rosemary and mint, and Real salt.
  • Watermelon, sea salt, and chili powder.

And a few more I didn’t post on Twitter:

  • watermelon and jalapeño
  • watermelon and freshly picked basil
  • watermelon and ginger

I am looking forward to experimenting next summer with adding smoked salt, smoked paprika, other peppers, other herbs, strawberries, beets, cucumbers, celery, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, and lemon. That will keep me in juice all summer!

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