My 2016 Tarot reading

2016 Celtic CrossMy Celtic Cross spread for 2016, done on January 1, 2016, using the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The issue is Silence, crossed by Existence.

Whoa, isn’t that the truth when you get right down to it??? This year looks to be existential, and it’s unfolding that way already. To get the most out of it, I can be awake as much as possible and spend plenty of it in silence.

From the root of Patience, awareness arises into Sorrow.

Patience is pregnant, waiting. We know loss is part of life, yet we often live obliviously until it occurs. Sometimes the loss is not a person. It can be a loss of denial, ability, etc., that brings sorrow. Or perhaps I will lose someone dear to me. Sorrow is always a sobering card to draw.

Progressing from Exhaustion toward Loving.

Yes! I’ve been working on this. For the first few years of my massage career, I often worked 7 days a week to make a living, not to mention stressful jobs before that. No more. My focus is moving more into taking care of myself, building relationships, and discerning how I can best be of loving service.

Innocence is my companion as I grow into Maturity.

Sometimes innocence and maturity are opposites: innocence is the province of the young, maturity of the old. As I mature, I find that retaining innocence is healthy. Rather than naivete, the innocence of my maturity takes the form of deciding what’s not my business because engaging with it doesn’t serve anyone well.

Letting go of my hopes and fears, I move into Healing.

Letting Go has always been a big one, truly trusting the universe. Luckily, meditation helps me with that, noticing my resistance to being with what is and surrendering. I aspire to be a healer, knowing that healing forces always have their own agenda, yet convinced there are ways to align with, support, and strengthen them beyond techniques.

It’s not going to necessarily be a sunshine-and-roses kind of year, but with Healing as the direction for this year, I’m good with it.

I recently ran across my 2010 Tarot reading. 2010 was the year I set out to (and did) meditate for 30 minutes a day.

If anyone doubts the power of meditation to change one’s life for the better, by the spring of that year, I had made a decision to completely change the direction of my work, moving from sitting at a computer all day to working with people doing healing bodywork. In the fall, I put my house on the market and sooner than I’d planned, I quit a secure well-paying job with benefits but in which I was unhappy and unfulfilled, sowing the seed to the life I live now.

Here’s the link to that reading, on my old blog:

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