Cate uses the Still Point Inducer

This “in-between-isode” in our series of posts about working together to release her forward head posture is Cate’s review of the Still Point Inducer, which I lent her to try at home for a week. Read the first post here and follow the links to read the series.

by Cate Radebaugh

Last Friday — September 30 — MaryAnn lent me a red rubber thingy called a Still Point Inducer, which I put in my purse and promptly forgot about until Sunday, when I set about exploring its properties. It is one piece, neither hard nor soft, flat on one side and shaped like two little boobs on the other.


It didn’t have any instructions with it, but I figured, since Mary Ann had been messing around with the back of my head, it would probably fit back there. After some fidgeting and fussing, I got the bumps settled at the base of my skull with the flat part on the mattress. All I had to do was move my head up or down to shift the position of the bumps, which shifted the feeling I got, which is kind of like big thumbs pressing into my head.

I was hoping to ‘induce’ that funnel-feeling again and wasn’t able to. Even so, it was a remarkably relaxing experience. In fact, ‘peaceful’ is not an overstatement.

Zoning there on the bed, I remembered MaryAnn suggesting that I massage the lymph nodes on the sides of my breasts and under my arms, so I added that to the mix. That was not very pleasant at all, particularly at first. Barely touching those areas felt stingy and sharp. With a very gentle touch, though, and some persistence, the pain became simple discomfort, and then, for no reason, I started crying and cried for a good long time over nothing.

When whatever it was passed, I sat up very slowly — a good thirty minutes had passed, easily — and felt — I don’t know — spacey and light and — I’m so sorry — easy like Sunday morning — lame, but it’s how I felt — and as if cold water was washing through the back of my head and neck. It was wonderful.

I’ve used it at least once and sometimes twice a day since then, and while I’ve never achieved the funnel and haven’t gone on any more crying jags, I do consistently get that same deep relaxation and the cold water feeling every time I stand up afterwards.

I looked the inducer up on Amazon and the reviews are mixed, but those for whom it works really, really like it, and it works for me, so I’m with them.

MaryAnn’s note: Here’s a link to this product on, and if you ever need to find it again, check out my Good Stuff to Buy/Products I Recommend page. I recommend experimenting with positioning until it feels like it’s helping. Read the reviews on Amazon for more tips, and there are YouTube videos as well.

Still points can range from mild to profound, brief to lengthy. My own experience is you never know what you’re gonna get.

As we’re discovering, sometimes bodywork allows the body mind system to release emotions. This is usually a healthy occurrence, and you feel better afterwards.

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