“Activate the best version possible of yourself”

Just a quick post to share something I encountered online today that made a strong impression. The magazine Yoga Journal is holding a conference right now, and someone commented online on a class given by Paul Muller-Ortega on  meditation.

Kelle Walsh included the following two paragraphs in her post:

Instead of turning the comment into meditation versus asana debate, he graciously acknowledged the value of all the paths people choose to come to this place of self-study. “All of the practices are complementary and mutually supportive,” he explained, each offering its own function in creating the conditions to gain access to the deep vibratory silence within all of us.

One of things I appreciated the most from this discussion was Muller-Ortega’s comments about the path of going within not having an end result, the enlightenment so many hope to find. Instead, the purpose and only tangible goal is to activate the best version possible of yourself, and then to live from that consciousness.

Paul Muller-Ortega’s website is called Blue Throat Yoga.