Videos of Krishnamacharya doing yoga, 1938, age 50

I discovered some YouTube videos this week taken of Krishnamacharya and some of his students doing yoga in 1938. These are black and white, originally silent, now with a soundtrack of his son Kausthub chanting the Yoga Sutras.

By the way, Krishnamacharya was 50 when these were filmed. : )

In light of the recent controversy of Indian yogis dissing Shiva Rea’s yoga trance dance as not being yoga (and calling for yoga to be regulated by the government), it’s good to remember that Krishnamacharya borrowed from Indian gymnastics to add to the yoga lexicon.

Part 1, 8:24

Part 2, 9:35

Part 3, 9:44

Part 4, 2:40

Part 5, 9:30

Part 6, 5:48



Father and infant daughter, a new watch, pigeon pose

This will be a quick post after a long and busy day.

Today I’m grateful that I saw Brannen Temple holding his tiny, one-month-old daughter Najwa, who was sound asleep on his forearm this morning when I dropped Hannah off.

They made a beautiful picture together that just enchanted me — the big man and the tiny baby.

The photo above of Brannen’s hands and Najwa’s feet was taken by Sarah Temple. Love this photo, Sarah!

I found a watch at Target this evening that’s exactly like my description a week ago of what I desired in a watch but had never seen! It has a large round silver analog watch face, big numbers, a second hand, and a skinny black leather band. Found it for only $9.99!

For this I am grateful. They are very handy when teaching restorative yoga. Thanks to Mary Jean for suggesting Target.

I’m also grateful tonight for eka pada rajakapotasana, one-legged king pigeon pose. It just feels so good! It’s nice to use bolsters and blankets and hold it long with forehead on floor as a passive, resting, restorative pose. Ahhhhh!

Thanks to Yoga Journal for the borrowed photo below.

“Activate the best version possible of yourself”

Just a quick post to share something I encountered online today that made a strong impression. The magazine Yoga Journal is holding a conference right now, and someone commented online on a class given by Paul Muller-Ortega on  meditation.

Kelle Walsh included the following two paragraphs in her post:

Instead of turning the comment into meditation versus asana debate, he graciously acknowledged the value of all the paths people choose to come to this place of self-study. “All of the practices are complementary and mutually supportive,” he explained, each offering its own function in creating the conditions to gain access to the deep vibratory silence within all of us.

One of things I appreciated the most from this discussion was Muller-Ortega’s comments about the path of going within not having an end result, the enlightenment so many hope to find. Instead, the purpose and only tangible goal is to activate the best version possible of yourself, and then to live from that consciousness.

Paul Muller-Ortega’s website is called Blue Throat Yoga.