Father and infant daughter, a new watch, pigeon pose

This will be a quick post after a long and busy day.

Today I’m grateful that I saw Brannen Temple holding his tiny, one-month-old daughter Najwa, who was sound asleep on his forearm this morning when I dropped Hannah off.

They made a beautiful picture together that just enchanted me — the big man and the tiny baby.

The photo above of Brannen’s hands and Najwa’s feet was taken by Sarah Temple. Love this photo, Sarah!

I found a watch at Target this evening that’s exactly like my description a week ago of what I desired in a watch but had never seen! It has a large round silver analog watch face, big numbers, a second hand, and a skinny black leather band. Found it for only $9.99!

For this I am grateful. They are very handy when teaching restorative yoga. Thanks to Mary Jean for suggesting Target.

I’m also grateful tonight for eka pada rajakapotasana, one-legged king pigeon pose. It just feels so good! It’s nice to use bolsters and blankets and hold it long with forehead on floor as a passive, resting, restorative pose. Ahhhhh!

Thanks to Yoga Journal for the borrowed photo below.

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