Some days gratitude is harder to find than others

Today I am grateful that committing to writing about three things I’m grateful for (and why I’m grateful for them) for 6 days so far has focused my attention on gratitude!

Energy flows where attention goes, and what this has opened up is more awareness of how connected we all are. Imagine a web of energetic lines connecting you to others you’ve connected with (seeing, hearing, or feeling, directly or indirectly), and lines connecting each of these others to those they have connected with, and so on.

Everyone is connected energetically, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Facebook, cell phones, television, email, or technology (but they have made the world a lot smaller than it used to be).

We don’t do anything, exist, survive, thrive, learn by ourselves, but we each do have a self.

So what is a self? More and more, I understand my self as an energy center, always changing, and experiencing life from the center of my self is like plugging in and recharging my batteries, reconnecting with the mysterious Source.

I’m working on finding the gratitude in the fact that I picked up my car from the mechanic shop where it’s been for the last three weeks, and a dashboard light is on that shouldn’t be on. I’ve got to take it back in, and I’ve got Hannah with me today while her mom works this holiday.

Sigh. I’m not grateful for this inconvenience, although I will take it in stride.

I am grateful that I have a car, that I have insurance, and that mechanics can fix things. And I am grateful that no one — and I mean no one — is perfect, including me.

Now impeccability, that’s something anyone can inspire to, and the topic of an upcoming blog post.

I’m grateful for a day with Hannah! What adventures will we go on? What fun will we have? How many slugbugs will we see? Tune in tomorrow and find out! (That’s her photo at the top of this blog.)

1 thought on “Some days gratitude is harder to find than others

  1. I think you’re the one who first told me about Indra’s Net. That’s often how I think of you! And when I feel isolated, I picture myself one of the points on the living, breathing web of everything that is. Maybe some version of that net would make a good logo for you!?


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