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Love in the time of coronavirus

Today is Day 2 of sheltering in place in Austin, Texas. We had 119 known cases as of last night (but no deaths so far), and we know the virus is being transmitted in the community. No one I know has it so far, that I’ve heard, but friends and relatives of friends do. The number of cases will almost certainly go up over the next two or three weeks. The hope is that then the number of cases will start declining because of first, social distancing, and now, sheltering in place.

For me, this means staying home, which I have been since Saturday, and for the week before, my outings were rare. I’ve ordered groceries online and picked them up. I have a wonderful daughter who can pick items up and bring them to me. I have groceries enough to last for at least a week, and I’m keeping a list on the fridge door of the items I run out of that I can get next time I shop (which will probably be online to be delivered or picked up curbside, but I do have a mask and gloves in case I need to venture inside a store). My fridge, freezer, and nonperishable shelves are full.

I feel pretty good about my chances of getting through this without getting sick, or of being mildly ill if I do get it. I had a cold in October that was mild and lasted two days, and I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I’d previously had a cold. My immune system is robust.

However, it’s unpredictable. I’m in the 60+ population and therefore considered at risk. I do yoga and dance regularly (now doing these online), I eat healthy (organic unprocessed food mostly), and I meditate, which helps keep my nervous system more balanced rather than going into stress, which is hard on the immune system. I’m working on improving my sleep, getting more deep and REM sleep according to my Fitbit.

I take really high quality supplements from Premier Research Labs and Wellevate. (I have practitioner accounts with both that you can order through if you wish.) I have homeopathic remedies on hand too. I have health insurance should I need it, and I hope that if I do, the health care system isn’t overwhelmed and can tend to me. I’m very very fortunate and grateful.

Y’all, no one is immune. This virus targets humankind. It’s a great equalizer. It doesn’t respect fame, power, talent, or riches. Movie stars, professional athletes, famous artists, royalty, and politicians have come down with it. Because it’s novel, no one has immunity, except those who have completely recovered from it.

I’m hearing people say things like “What a year this past week has been” and “there are many days in a day.” We’re in a time of rapid change.

I believe when this pandemic is over, some aspects of our lives will not go back to the way they were. This will influence people living through it for the rest of our lives. We will not take our health for granted. We will better understand the relationship between lifestyle and health. We will require that our governments take actions that support our health over corporate profits.

Dead people don’t buy stuff.

I hope the biggest takeaway is that we humans are ALL connected through our humanity. We are all dependent on this planet for our lives. Maybe we will treat each other, and our home planet, much better.

Blessings for health, immunity, resiliency, resourcefulness, and connection. 💚🙏🏽

The 12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening


The 12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Making the rounds on Facebook, worth sharing here.

Some days gratitude is harder to find than others

Today I am grateful that committing to writing about three things I’m grateful for (and why I’m grateful for them) for 6 days so far has focused my attention on gratitude!

Energy flows where attention goes, and what this has opened up is more awareness of how connected we all are. Imagine a web of energetic lines connecting you to others you’ve connected with (seeing, hearing, or feeling, directly or indirectly), and lines connecting each of these others to those they have connected with, and so on.

Everyone is connected energetically, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Facebook, cell phones, television, email, or technology (but they have made the world a lot smaller than it used to be).

We don’t do anything, exist, survive, thrive, learn by ourselves, but we each do have a self.

So what is a self? More and more, I understand my self as an energy center, always changing, and experiencing life from the center of my self is like plugging in and recharging my batteries, reconnecting with the mysterious Source.

I’m working on finding the gratitude in the fact that I picked up my car from the mechanic shop where it’s been for the last three weeks, and a dashboard light is on that shouldn’t be on. I’ve got to take it back in, and I’ve got Hannah with me today while her mom works this holiday.

Sigh. I’m not grateful for this inconvenience, although I will take it in stride.

I am grateful that I have a car, that I have insurance, and that mechanics can fix things. And I am grateful that no one — and I mean no one — is perfect, including me.

Now impeccability, that’s something anyone can inspire to, and the topic of an upcoming blog post.

I’m grateful for a day with Hannah! What adventures will we go on? What fun will we have? How many slugbugs will we see? Tune in tomorrow and find out! (That’s her photo at the top of this blog.)