Gravity Pal, a low angle inversion table, makes a difference in a minute a day

I just had the pleasure of taking Zero Balancing II training in my pursuit of skill and finesse in my bodywork practice. Jamie Carmody was an excellent teacher, her lovely San Antonio studio well located, and my fellow students a delight to learn with, practice with, and get to know.

For more about Zero Balancing, go here. I’m getting ready to send out a newsletter with some sweet special offers, including one for Zero Balancing that will be impossible to resist for wellness-seekers in the Austin area. If you’d like to subscribe and get in on this time-limited offer, please send your email address to me at mareynolds27 at gmail dot com.

If you haven’t yet encountered it, you’re probably wondering what Zero Balancing is. My description is that it lets you feel like you’d feel without habitual tension patterns or the constant pressure of gravity pulling you down. Younger? Taller? Lighter? Buzzing with healthy energy? Can you even imagine feeling like this? I invite you to come get a session, or two or three, and find out how it affects your body.

And with that aside, I want to share with you today an experience I had during the training that wellness-seekers everywhere will want to know about. I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and Michael McKay of Fairfield, Iowa. Not only are they really nice, evolved human beings and excellent ZBers (both certified), they also sell a product they’ve researched, designed, and brought to market, a low-angle inversion table called the Gravity Pal®. You can read about it on their website here.

During a break in our training, I watched Michael, who has chronic low back pain, unfold one, place a pillow to the side near the downhill end, sit on it facing uphill, and slowly lower himself down onto the table. He didn’t stay there long, just a couple of minutes. Then he rolled off his side onto the carpeted floor with a pillow supporting his head for a minute or so. There’s a video here.


Michael travels with the Gravity Pal Traveler model

I asked if I could try it. He said to lie on it no more than a minute the first time.

What I felt was that my sacrum, which has an anterior tilt, automatically rocked into neutral, and my lumbar vertebrae had more space between them. My sacroiliac ligaments were stretched out in an old car accident, and this did not strain them. It was a very pleasant, opening, safe feeling.

After a minute, I rolled off as instructed and rested on my side for another minute. I got up and felt great.

I’ve practiced inversions in yoga. I’ve mounted a chin-up bar and sheet in a doorway and hung like a bat, doing yoga upside down. I’ve used inversion tables, where you strap your feet in before going upside down. (Frankie hilariously gets stuck in one in an episode of Grace and Frankie – Season 2, Episode 2.) I’ve even tried the gravity boots.

With the Gravity Pal, I didn’t feel like my head was congested with fluid, the way I would if I was hanging upside down vertically or at a steeper angle. It was easy to get on and off, and there was nothing restricting my feet or straining my ankles. You don’t have to be a yogi or an athlete to use it. It didn’t take long at all to feel the effects – just one minute made a difference.

The Gravity Pal is way easier and gentler than any other inversion device I’ve experienced.

Plus, I truly appreciate the pure beauty and simplicity of anything that’s effective using the least amount of effort. This product does it. (This is also one reason I and others are drawn to Zero Balancing. It’s amazing the difference receiving 15 to 30 minutes of ZB can make in how you experience yourself.)

You can get a well-made wooden bench for your home that doesn’t take up a lot of space or look unsightly, a lightweight model, or a suitcase-like table you can fold up and store when not in use.


The Gravity Pal Luxury Bench

I didn’t feel like my head was congested with fluid, the way I would if I was hanging upside down vertically. I can see how regular use would strengthen the circulatory and lymphatic systems, speed recovery time, improve mental clarity, and nourish the facial skin.

So if you’re interested, you can purchase one directly from Michael and Dawn here. They offer a risk-free, 30-days-or-your-money-back offer, with free shipping and free returns.

You can also purchase the Traveler model on through my affiliate link here, which helps support this blog bringing you wellness news like this. The price is the same. Shipping is $15.99, and it also comes with the same 30-day-risk-free-trial and free returns. Amazon also carries the airline checkable luggage case and the protective vinyl case for local transport.

I’m adding this to my Products I Recommend page, if you need to find it easily again.

2 thoughts on “Gravity Pal, a low angle inversion table, makes a difference in a minute a day

  1. Mary
    It was a pleasure to be a fellow student with you in San Antonio.
    Thank you for you kind words about Gravity Pal.
    Yes, Gravity Pal continues to bring valuable results to people every day just like you said.
    We receive emails from grateful customers almost every day – and there are many posted on our Amazon listing.
    We hope that more people give Gravity Pal a try for the proof is in trying it out. Those that use it regularly will likely be amazed.
    Please know that very soon we are releasing our book, Beyond Back Pain to Wellness, Responsible Inversion Therapy.
    We’ll be sure to send you a copy and would appreciate your honest review and comments.
    Thank you again.
    Best wishes
    Michael & Dawn


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