Sprouted green lentils in Greek salad

Every once in a while I crave salad for breakfast, especially in summer, and that is what I had today.

Reminds me of following the candida diet about six years ago: no dairy, grains, fruit, sugar, or lots of other forbidden things. It was very, very strict, and I followed it perfectly for nearly three months—if you mess up, you could feed the candida yeast and have to start over. Man, I had never been on a diet before—this was Marine Corps boot camp!

Nothing I had ever eaten for breakfast was on that diet except eggs! I tell you, eggs over easy without toast to mop up the runny yolks just wasn’t the same! I often ate salads for breakfast then. (I did clear the excess candida, by the way.)

Today I made a Greek-style salad using baby spinach and adding chopped red onion, black kalamata olives, cucumber slices, half an avocado, local Pure Luck goat feta, and sprouted green lentils.

greek salad with sprouted green lentils

After taking the photo, I added Sass Green Gaia Undressing, also a local product that may be distributed widely (if it’s available in your area, you’ll find it in the refrigerated salad dressing case). No oil, no dairy, all plant.

The healthy fat in the avocado staves off hunger pangs until mid-day, when I’ll have a smoothie. The lentils and feta add protein.

Health is grand.