How Phyllis got off pharmaceuticals

Phyllis was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She also had thyroid issues, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. At the most, she was taking 12 different pharmaceuticals.

Besides reversing her diabetes (to read that story, start with Part 1 here or read this summary), she got off all her prescription meds.

Getting off medication is a taboo in many people’s minds. Once prescribed a medication, they believe that they have to take it for the rest of their life because their condition is irreversible. They believe that no longer taking a medication would be disobeying a doctor’s orders, and doctors are like God.

Medications can be extremely helpful, even life-saving. Byetta made a major difference for Phyllis. Yet it turned out she only needed it for a while, until her body became healthier and less resistant to insulin.

If you are in doubt about whether you might ever be able to go off a medication, ask your doctor if lifestyle changes can make a difference.

As Phyllis got healthier through diet and movement, her body changed and her need for medications changed. She worked with her doctor to reduce them.

In Phyllis’ own words:

I remember my grandparents having lots of medicines covering their bedside stands.
I did want to get off of pharmaceuticals without placing my health at jeopardy. By 2010, at 55 years old, my spiritual practices and meticulous food journal (counting carbs, proteins, and prescribed amounts of vegetables) resulted in my feeling better than I ever had in my adult life.
Little did I know that I was just then ready to begin a whole new level of focus toward ingesting foods that actually helped my cells do their jobs, getting exercise that specifically targeted muscles that burned fat, and benefitting from specific medical knowledge that released toxins in the body.
2011 was the year that I started out being able to reduce four prescribed meds for blood pressure. Attending Yoga Yoga classes three times a week started leaving me dizzy. My blood pressure was too low. [Phyllis had previously had high blood pressure and took meds for that.] So my doctor started taking the meds away until I was on just one blood pressure med [which she later no longer needed].
The insulin reduction was next with tai chi and trance dance.  My endocrinologist gave me carte blanche on reducing the insulin since I tested for blood sugar several times a day and faxed the results into her office weekly.
As I began specific weight and resistance training and taking Zumba classes with Craig Johnson in April 2011, my insulin needs dropped rapidly.
The final piece came when I started going to Elke Kniss in September 2011. Her work helped with heavy metal and other toxin removals, and I stopped wheat intake in late 2011.  Elke helped with thyroid meds and statins being removed from my repertoire of pharmacy regulars.
In March 2012, I was able to step away from the final medication, Byetta.
During a trance dance about this time, I had an insight that insulin resistance is resistance at the cellular level. I had let go of resisting change to reach an optimum level of health at almost 56 years of age.
I committed to continuing to eat whole foods in appropriate amounts, drinking adequate water, getting exercise, and doing meditative practices.
When I waiver from my healthy lifestyle,  the blood glucose meter gives me the alert, and I know how to get back on track to success.

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