I’m moving my private practice!

Update: I’ll be seeing people in the new space starting August 16.


I’m leaving 827 W. 12th Street, where I’ve done my private massage and bodywork practice since October 2012, except for outcalls and occasional work at my trailer.

I’m moving my office to 5524 Bee Cave Road, Suite G1, in Westlake Hills. I’ve been offered an opportunity to relocate to a suite to be shared with two craniosacral therapists whose skills and integrity I greatly admire, Nina Davis and Christian Current.

Workwise, I find myself more drawn toward craniosacral therapy. I start the classical Upledger training in August. I’ve already completed Ryan Hallford’s trainings in classical craniosacral therapy, and the Upledger training will be an expansion on that. I plan to complete Ryan Hallford’s biodynamic training this fall, and I plan to study biodynamic CST with Michael Shea when he returns to Austin next year. Beyond that, there’s more, but my path hasn’t become clear yet.

I look forward these trainings, to practicing and integrating what I learn, to being of more service to this community, and to cooking in Nina and Christian’s energy, and also that of David Harel, who asked me in January 2013, “Why aren’t you a craniosacral therapist?” (I was in Ryan’s class 3 days later.) Thank you, David! We will see each other again, I’m sure.

It’s David’s office I’m moving into (following The Bacon tips), as he’s moving to Gainesville, Florida, and will practice craniosacral and polarity therapies there. Bon voyage and good luck, my friend.

There are details to be worked out and much yet to do. My officemate at 827, Shannon Brooks, has expressed an interest in continuing to share that space with someone new. (This is the big new room I moved into at the beginning of May.)

I’d like to help her find someone. Shannon, who practices Biofield Tuning and Resonance Repatterning, is seeking a practitioner (massage, acupuncture) to share that space. If you know anyone, please get in touch with me.

I don’t have an official move date yet, except I need to be out of 827 by August 20, and it may be sooner than that. As soon as I know, I’ll post it on my website, online booking, this blog, Facebook, etc., and I plan to completely prevent confusion about where to find me on any given day/time.

Yet to come: carpet cleaning, spackling, perhaps some painting, moving my office furniture, books, etc., arranging it, updating my insurance, ordering new business cards, forwarding mail, updating everything online, and I’m sure several more things I haven’t thought of yet, including spending time there and letting the space speak to me.

I’ll have a huge window looking out onto a wild scrubby hillside!

Just to be clear, I am still doing integrative massages, Zero Balancing, orthopedic, TMJ, prenatal, back/shoulders/neck/head, craniosacral, reflexology, and everything I’ve always done except Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai (no bars). Coming soon: cupping and gua sha.

I want to express my gratitude to my colleagues at 827: Truitt Ray, Linda Stevens, Lizzie Tompkins, Thora O’Neil Gray, David Iler, Jennifer McAdams, and Shannon Brooks, and to Luke Bilberry, our landlord, for being friendly, kind, watching out for the place and each other, and pitching in to keep everything rolling and to build recognition for 12th Street Studios.

Please hold a vision or a prayer for me to flow through this change process with grace and equanimity. Namaste.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.46.49 PM

4 thoughts on “I’m moving my private practice!

    • Thank you! I feel very, very fortunate to be working with Nina and Christian. They have busy full practices, so I don’t know how much time they’ll have for mentoring me, but I want to pick up as much as I possibly can.


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