Cleansing time

Each fall and spring following the equinox is a great time to do the colon/parasite cleanse. I blogged about it last fall with complete instructions.

I’ve just put Paracidin/Paratosin on my grocery list. People’s Pharmacy in Austin carries it, and you can get it online and in supplement/health food stores and compounding pharmacies in many places. Be sure to get it from Premier Research Labs — there are other supplements with similar names that are different. Here’s what it looks like.

Back when I wrote the original post, I followed the colon/parasite cleanse with the liver/gallbladder flush, but when I did the latter in the spring of 2011, I had no more green stones of hardened bile to loosen and release. Yay! It took three years of cleansing two nights in a row, fall and spring, for that to happen.

Our livers are not capable of processing cooked oils.

I may do that cleanse again in about 3 years. It’s hard to completely avoid tortilla chips and other foods cooked in oil, although I see that stores now carry mayonnaise made with olive oil (uncooked) rather than canola (cooked), and that’s a good thing.

I still do the colon/parasite cleanse each fall and spring. There’s no end to doing that. Parasites are part of our lives. In fact, I read a recent article that posited that “we” are actually composed more of non-human micro-organisms than we are of our own human tissue. That’s a fascinating and kind of creepy topic for another day!

This parasite cleanse works on the entire gastrointestinal tract. Besides cleansing the colon and pulling toxins from its walls, it rids the liver, pancreas, and spleen of parasites, specifically liver flukes. (I know. It sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?)

Our organs are vital to our health, so much so that organ failure often leads to death or disability, yet we probably never voluntarily think about them until they give us or someone close to us problems. Here’s a way to give them some love and support before they give you problems.

Update in November 2013: Just came off a month of colon cleansing, followed by two nights of the liver/gallbladder flush. The last time I did the flush and actually eliminated hardened bile from those organs was three years ago. I was curious to learn whether my body had formed any more  bile stones in those three years.

It had. I eliminated a dozen or so stones after the first night and none the second night.

So it seems to me that it’s good to do the flush every two to three years, even after you’ve gotten clear, if you even occasionally eat foods with cooked oils in them.

I know I ate tortilla chips, fried okra, the occasional sweet potato fries. I sauteed fish and fried eggs in coconut oil, and I’m sure there are more foods that I’m not remembering right now.

The discomfort of the epsom salt was worth it, because after the second morning, I felt euphoric! The liver and GB are associated with anger in Chinese medicine, so it makes sense that flushing them of stones would enhance emotional well-being.

Thoughts on spring cleansing, the liver, allergies

I started the colon/parasite cleanse today. It’s spring! Time to clean out the system! I do this twice a year.

I wrote about this last fall. You can click this link to my earlier post, which contains instructions for the colon/parasite cleanse, which is fairly simple, and information about the liver/gallbladder flush, which is more complex but worth doing.

I didn’t provide instructions for the flush because it’s complicated, and in my opinion, if you’ve never done it before, it’s best done under the supervision of an expert, experienced health care practitioner who’s quickly available should you have any questions or problems.

One new bit of information to note: The company that makes Paracidin, which rids the body of parasites in the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas, has changed the name of that product to Paratosin. The labels, including dosage and ingredients, are identical except for the name.

Another new bit of information that I’ve heard or read from several sources: allergies are related to liver toxicity. I’m not sure about this, but thought I’d put it out there. If you have experience or information on this, please share.

My respiratory allergies have decreased dramatically over time. I had NAET acupuncture treatment in 2000 (when I moved back to Austin, allergy capital of the world), and it made a substantial difference.

Before NAET, Seldane or Claritin every day, year round, plus at least one sinus infection per year requiring antibiotics.

After NAET, I’d take an occasional Claritin, and I’ve had only one sinus infection in the 10 years since, when I walked to and from work on a windy day last spring after a long dry spell — exposing myself to lots of pollen. Acupuncture helped me recover from that.

NAET worked pretty well for me.

I’ve done the liver/gallbladder flush twice a year (two nights in a row each time) for about 3 years. I rarely take medication for allergies any more. I feel unpleasant side effects if I take Claritin, so if I’m having nasal congestion and sneezing, I take a homeopathic remedy, Histaminum hydrochloricum, and that does the trick. I use it maybe once a week at peak pollen times. My body doesn’t respond to allergens like it used to. (Another day I’ll post on the NLP allergy cure, which has probably also made a difference.)

So it’s possible that the flush has improved my liver’s health and reduced my allergies. They haven’t gotten worse. (This does not apply to my gluten sensitivity, just to airborne allergens.)

Here’s a link to an article I found with much more information on the liver/gallbladder cleanse, including what actually happens in those organs.

The instructions are pretty close to what my acupuncturist says. She has me test my pH before doing the flush to make sure my body is clearly alkaline, and she has me do it two nights in a row. She also suggests taking magnesium malate when it’s difficult to make fresh, organic apple juice in quantity.

Cleansing the colon, liver, and gallbladder

I’m in the last week of a 27-day colon/parasite cleanse, which I do spring and fall. My dear acupuncturist tells me that it’s not a question of whether you have parasites, it’s what to do about them.

This cleanse isn’t difficult. Morning and night mix 2 T of psyllium husks and 1/2 t. of bentonite clay into a half cup of water or fruit juice/water mix, stir well, and throw it down the hatch. You must follow with a large glass of water. Do this every day for the entire 27 days.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, take 3 capsules of Paratosin from Premier Research Labs (a herbal blend that will have you burping cloves) on an empty stomach.

Do this every day until the whole bottle of Paratosin is gone (10 days). Continue to take the psyllium and bentonite twice daily but take no Paratosin for 7 days.

On day 18, start taking a second bottle of Paratosin as directed above to rid yourself of any parasites that have hatched since the first bottle.

After 27 days, your gastrointestinal system (especially your colon walls) will be cleaned out by the psyllium husks, toxins pulled from the walls by the bentonite clay, and your liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas will be clear of parasites for a while (you can get them from drinking tap water) — and then you repeat in the spring, or the next fall.

I follow this cleanse with a liver/gallbladder flush, which is much more involved. I’ve done the cleanse and the flush back to back in the spring and fall for the past three years, and I believe they play an important role in my vitality and well-being.

I’m not going to include directions here because I don’t know the contraindications — i.e., when someone shouldn’t do this. I’m just a blogger sharing a personal health practice. If you’re interested, please consult your alternative medical practitioner first.

You can also find instructions in Jack Tips’ book, The Healing Triad: Your Liver…Your Lifeline. Tips says this flush has been done since antiquity, with variations. Basically you consume certain foods to cause the liver and gallbladder to empty their contents for elimination. This flush rids both these organs of old, hardened bile pieces. They look like green stones when you pass them but float because they are made of fat.

Compared to the colon/parasite cleanse, this flush involves more prep work (eating more veggies and using pH test strips to be sure you’re alkaline, and consuming apples or apple juice or malic acid to soften the hardened bile). It’s also trickier. There may be some discomfort involved, but it is only temporary. I’ve felt great afterwards.

(By the way, anything fried in cooked vegetable seed oils contributes to the formation of hardened bile. Now, I love chips and salsa and fried okra. It’s my birthright as a Texan! Doing this flush twice a year helps me stay healthy.)

You may be wondering why anyone would want to do this. Well, to keep your organs healthy! We often have an attitude of denial in this culture about our internal organs until something goes wrong. They have vital functions that contribute to our health. Taking good care of one’s organs translates into better functioning of your body — which of course cannot be isolated from the mind, heart, and spirit.

The large intestine, liver, and gallbladder have associated meridians in traditional Chinese medicine. That means these organs have energies associated with them. The colon is associated with the emotion of grief. The liver and gallbladder are associated with the emotion of anger.

Flushing them can result in a surge of positive energy — more happiness. Can you use some of that? I sure can!