Cleansing time

Each fall and spring following the equinox is a great time to do the colon/parasite cleanse. I blogged about it last fall with complete instructions.

I’ve just put Paracidin/Paratosin on my grocery list. People’s Pharmacy in Austin carries it, and you can get it online and in supplement/health food stores and compounding pharmacies in many places. Be sure to get it from Premier Research Labs — there are other supplements with similar names that are different. Here’s what it looks like.

Back when I wrote the original post, I followed the colon/parasite cleanse with the liver/gallbladder flush, but when I did the latter in the spring of 2011, I had no more green stones of hardened bile to loosen and release. Yay! It took three years of cleansing two nights in a row, fall and spring, for that to happen.

Our livers are not capable of processing cooked oils.

I may do that cleanse again in about 3 years. It’s hard to completely avoid tortilla chips and other foods cooked in oil, although I see that stores now carry mayonnaise made with olive oil (uncooked) rather than canola (cooked), and that’s a good thing.

I still do the colon/parasite cleanse each fall and spring. There’s no end to doing that. Parasites are part of our lives. In fact, I read a recent article that posited that “we” are actually composed more of non-human micro-organisms than we are of our own human tissue. That’s a fascinating and kind of creepy topic for another day!

This parasite cleanse works on the entire gastrointestinal tract. Besides cleansing the colon and pulling toxins from its walls, it rids the liver, pancreas, and spleen of parasites, specifically liver flukes. (I know. It sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?)

Our organs are vital to our health, so much so that organ failure often leads to death or disability, yet we probably never voluntarily think about them until they give us or someone close to us problems. Here’s a way to give them some love and support before they give you problems.

Update in November 2013: Just came off a month of colon cleansing, followed by two nights of the liver/gallbladder flush. The last time I did the flush and actually eliminated hardened bile from those organs was three years ago. I was curious to learn whether my body had formed any more  bile stones in those three years.

It had. I eliminated a dozen or so stones after the first night and none the second night.

So it seems to me that it’s good to do the flush every two to three years, even after you’ve gotten clear, if you even occasionally eat foods with cooked oils in them.

I know I ate tortilla chips, fried okra, the occasional sweet potato fries. I sauteed fish and fried eggs in coconut oil, and I’m sure there are more foods that I’m not remembering right now.

The discomfort of the epsom salt was worth it, because after the second morning, I felt euphoric! The liver and GB are associated with anger in Chinese medicine, so it makes sense that flushing them of stones would enhance emotional well-being.

Pomegranate Breast Oil, for women and those who love them

I don’t ordinarily plug things on this blog, but I found a product I really like and want to share information about. My dear friend Sunny Markham makes a wonderful product called Pomegranate Breast Oil.

The oil smells great and feels really amazing on your skin, and the ingredients (organic pomegranate rind, organic mustard seed oil, and essential oils of amber, frankincense, spikenard, sandalwood, and myrrh) promote beautiful, healthy breasts. It is an Ayurvedic formula, and Sunny decocts the pomegranate rind and mustard seed oil outside in two big pots for approximately 44 hours under the full moon. It’s a labor of love!

I’ve been using it for many months now, and I’m hooked. This is a great way to love myself, and for all women to love themselves. It smells and feels so good, I love taking the time to do this. I feel more loved and healthier, and my breasts are now naturally toned as a result of the frequent massage.

Giving loving attention to your breasts has gotta do something wonderful for ‘em! Your partner can do this for you, too, but it’s a practice you’ll want to keep up several times a week for optimal results.

This product also makes a wonderful gift to give a woman you love. I’m giving some to my daughter for Mother’s Day, and if my mother was still around, she’d be getting some too.

You can order it online in small quantities (or large for a great discount), and you can also buy it at The Herb Bar on W. Mary St. (just west of South Congress), Casa de Luz, and Victory Pharmacy in South Austin. It comes both with and without the essential oils.

Every bottle comes with a beautiful little booklet with six simple breast massage steps that are playful, sensual, and do healthy things like move lymph and drain toxins and increase circulation.

Your breasts will be toned and glowing with happiness! Go to and


Hope you enjoy it!


Here’s a follow-up on May 5, 2011. I emailed Sunny to find out where all her oil was being sold in Austin. Here’s what she replied:

The building of the Austin Centre for Happy, Healthy Breasts will be completed in a few weeks! I’m planning the grand opening in June. The Centre will be the home of Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil and offer breast self-massage workshops.

If someone wants to purchase Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil prior to the opening, they are welcome to come to my home. I’m off Cuernavaca down Bee Caves Rd. towards Hwy 71. Call me at 512-203-9739 for details.

If it’s more convenient, they can purchase the oil from one of our local distributors:

  • The Herb Bar, 200 W Mary St., Austin, TX, 512-444-6251
  • People’s Pharmacy on N. Lamar, Austin, TX, 512-459-9090
  • People’s Pharmacy, 4201 Westbank Drive, Austin, TX (512-327-8877
  • Venus DeMarco’s Skin Care 4101 Medical Pkwy # 113, Austin, TX, 512-626-6141

I recommend they contact the store prior to going there, to check their stock and pricing. When they call, they want to make sure the supplier has the Essential Breast Massage brochure that comes with the oil.

If they purchase the oil from me, (1) 2 oz. Bottle of Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil is $30.00 + tax.

I’m pleased to include my simple 6-step Every Woman’s Guide to Essential Breast Massage. It’s so easy to follow and I’ll explain it to you if you want!


Here’s a great price break from me!

Order (6) Bottles of Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil and pay just $16.99 per bottle.  That’s $101.94 + tax.

This would be such an elegant and caring gift to the beloved women in your life! 

I’ll include Every Woman’s Guide to Essential Breast Massage with every bottle ordered.