Who just loves Ashiatsu?

When I first learned Ashiatsu, I thought that really large men who like a lot of pressure and can’t get it any other way would seek it out. That is definitely one type of Ashi fan! Men with big muscles tend to really like it.

But that is a stereotype. I’ve also worked on small women who love the deep pressure. I’ve even worked on a couple of women smaller than I am, using carefully controlled pressure to their liking. Larger-breasted women find that deep pressure on their backs can feel more comfortable by using my breast pillow.

Ashiatsu is a favorite massage modality of many athletes. Runners like the firm pressure on their leg muscles — every runner I’ve worked on has loved it, both pre-event and post-event. (They hate/love the work on the IT band.) Cyclists like the work on the shoulders, back, and legs. Swimmers tend to love the shoulder work.

I’ve had other health-oriented people including professional dancers and dance teachers, yogis and yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, martial artists, and people who work out regularly request Ashiatsu sessions.

But many seek Ashiatsu for the stress relief it provides. I’ve worked on airline pilots, chefs, coaches, college students, day traders, dentists, engineers, executives, firemen, government employees of all kinds, investors, judges, musicians, nurses, police, private eyes, many clients working for technology companies, teachers, trainers, waitstaff, and writers (so far, and I’ll keep adding to this list as I work on more professions!).

Also, massage therapists who learn Ashiatsu love it because delivering deep pressure with your feet is w-a-a-a-y less stressful on your body than using your hands. You let gravity work for you, avoiding repetitive strain injuries. You can work more hours with less wear and tear on your body while giving a deeply satisfying massage. That sure put the fun back into giving massage!

If you want to learn more, check out my home page for The Well Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Austin.