3 thoughts on “Sympathetic hyperarousal/fight or flight: another trauma response built into the nervous system

  1. So interesting that you post about this today, the same day I posted about the sympathetic nervous system with regards to eating! Our bodies are so amazing, but we need to learn how to work better with them for sure. Great post!


  2. Hi MaryAnn,
    If ones responds to a trauma by freezing, numbing, dissociating, does that suggest there has already been trauma in the past?
    Thanks for your time, Su.


    • Su, thanks for asking this great question. I believe that a person could easily respond to a trauma in any of those ways regardless of whether they’ve experienced trauma in the past. The most important thing is for the person to allow their body and emotions to change and flow as they process the trauma. This will help them return to their normal resilience. If someone needs support during this transformative and healing process, I recommend seeking a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. You can search for one by location at this link: http://sepractitioner.membergrove.com.


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