Come NightWalking with me in Taos, NM, in August 2018

Today is an exceptionally cold day in Austin, Texas. At noon the temperature is 27 degrees F (-2.8 C). It rained last night, then froze, sleeted this morning, and now it’s snowing. Schools are closed, and many people are staying in, staying warm, staying safe. People in cold areas may laugh, but most Austinites don’t know how to drive on ice. We don’t have snowplows. Sand on bridges is about it. So we call everything off and stay in.

Today (besides staying cozy in my pajamas and sipping hot bone broth), I’m daydreaming about an event I will attend this summer, August 10-12, 2018, when it will probably be over 100 degrees F (38 C) here. I’m going up into the southern Rockies where it will be cooler, to Taos, New Mexico, a legendary town in the high desert mountains.

I will be attending a training that hasn’t been offered by the co-creator for years. NightWalking. Doesn’t even just that name sound awesome?

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.00.36 PM

Imagine that with some training, you could walk outdoors at night with no moon, away from artificial lights, and you could see.

Imagine that not only could you see, but that every step you took was like walking through a portal.

Imagine that you could see in the dark, walk through thousands of portals, and feel deeply calm with zero anxiety. Oh, and altered states occur, and you might see some bioluminescence.

That’s NightWalking. It’s a superpower available to ordinary humans who make the effort to learn it, and it takes 12-16 hours of practice to really get it. This workshop gets you off to a good start.

The co-creator is Nelson Zink, a psychotherapist, writer, and curious explorer. Nelson is presenting this workshop with Katie Raver, a savvy and popular NLP trainer from Austin.

Katie and I and many others are big fans of Nelson, of his book The Structure of Delight, and of his defunct website Navaching (which also explored the 12 states of attention). Katie and I co-led the Peripheral Walking meetup in Austin a few years ago, and peripheral walking (walking with peripheral vision) is a prerequisite for nightwalking.

Here’s more about how Nelson and Stephen Parks developed nightwalking.

If you are looking for an adventure this summer — that just might blow your mind and at least will get you into the cool Rockies — in August, click here and check it out.


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