Biodynamic Meditation, Day 57

I slept from 10:30pm until about 5:30am. When I woke, I was comfortable lying in bed and not ready to get up, although my mind was active.

So I listened to a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep, or non-sleep deep rest) recording on YouTube.

The best Yoga Nidra recording I’ve found so far is I AM Yoga Nidra by Liam Gillen, 38:41.

He guides you to relax deeply using breathing, intention, awareness of sensations, attention to chakras, stilling the mind, deepening awareness.

Sort of like what I’m doing in my Biodynamic Meditations (although he skips the Tide).

It’s teaching me more about how to teach. My session this morning was deeper after listening to his Yoga Nidra.

Session went like this: 10 Bhastrika breaths. See-sawing between monkey mind and quiet mind. Briefly experienced the Tide moving up and down in my central energy channel.

Then, I felt a radiance at my face, with my ajna third-eye chakra strong. Had a cranial stillpoint. Then large sweeps of healing energy moving in my body and biofield.

Sometimes the healing energy makes small movements in an area of my body, and I feel as if a pointed tip is working within on some specific tissue, as if I’m being redrawn or reknitted by healing energy.

Sometimes the healing energy makes big slow swirls, like the aurora borealis.

I once had a client for Craniosacral Biodynamics who wanted help releasing her Enneagram fixations.

I’d never done it before, but her intention was clear. The healing energy was mostly working in her biofield, about 18” off her body. She felt changed afterward and when I checked in a week later, she was pleased.

I’d love to do more sessions like that! Wonder if the fixation is located differently for each type.

The healing energy works on all kinds of issues. The way I see it now, it works to optimize patterns within our bodies and biofields.

Have you ever thought about the coordination needed to keep you alive, to keep all your systems — micro and macro — working together healthily?

The healing energy of Biodynamic Meditation and Craniosacral Biodynamics increases the coherence of your life force.

Today I felt the healing energy pause below my diaphragm where my organs are snuggled up like jewels.

It moved to my second chakra, then to my heart chakra.

At my third eye, I felt it as strongly in the back of my head as in my forehead.

Right now, I’m feeling like today is going to be a really good day.

This is a project I’ve undertaken, to meditate daily using what I’ve learned and am continuing to learn from my training and practice in Craniosacral Biodynamics.

I want to share my experience — so far on Instagram (@mareynolds) and my Facebook business page (MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB) — with an eye on teaching it to non-practitioners, simplifying the language and making it accessible for those seeking a form of meditation focused on self-healing of, well, body mind heart and spirit! Perfect for this blog.

If you want to read my past postings on this project, you can look at my profile on Instagram or Facebook. (Instagram has curated music.) I started posting on Instagram on Nov. 11,2022.

I’ll include them here from now (Jan 4, 2023) on.

I started this blog in late 2009 with an intent to meditate every day in 2010.

I’m doing it again! Only different, and better.

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