Boundary, no boundary

This morning’s Biodynamic Meditation went like this: 5 Bhastrika breaths. Settling into sitting posture, propped up in bed with a pillow at my back, legs crossed in sukhasana (sweet pose).

Monkey mind. Stillness. Monkey mind. Stillness. Until stillness (mostly) prevails.

Radiance at my face.

Not feeling tide. Oh, am I in a stillpoint? Stillness.





At some point I sense that my energy body is bigger than my physical body.

The energy in my central channel, where the tide flows, has become so strong, it emanates out through my skin into the space around me.

I sense it most strongly a few inches out from my skin, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of boundary.

There’s a softened quality to my being when this is happening. It feels good.

I’m curious about the autonomic nervous system. When I am sensing my skin as my boundary between myself and everything else, am I in a sympathetic state of being ready for action?

When I am sensing my energy body expanded beyond my skin and this sense of openness and softness, am I in a parasympathetic state of relaxation and healing?

I’m holding onto these beliefs until I have evidence otherwise. They make sense to me.

2 thoughts on “Boundary, no boundary

    • Yes, it does. There’s a lot of science about it now, polyvagal theory and more. But how it feels? Not that much. It’s motivated me to share. Far too many people are living in near-constant states of anxiety.

      I just want to see more well-being in this world. Thank you, dear Helene.

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