Seeking, finding, losing, refinding the Tide

This morning in my Biodynamic Meditation, the Tide was elusive.

I did 12 Bhastrikas, settled into sukhasana, and tuned into my body.

I sensed my midline, seeking the rising and falling sensation of tidal motion.


Was I in a stillpoint? I couldn’t tell! I didn’t feel a pooling of energy at either my cranial or sacral areas.

I remember when I first started getting acquainted with Biodynamics 10 years ago, seeking the tide and not finding it.

Then, one day I found it, or part of it, in my abdomen along my midline or central channel.

I felt elated!

The next day I couldn’t find it.

I went through a period of finding it and losing it.

Each time I found it, it became clearer. I was able to sense its full path, moving up and down between the crown of my head and my pelvic floor in a stately rhythm.

Nowadays, I usually find it easily.

Sometimes I find it in still moments during the day, at a red light, standing in line, waiting for my food to be brought to my table. And always, before I put my hands on my clients for Craniosacral Biodynamics.

There’s a reassuring quality to finding it. I believe it plays a big role in homeostasis, keeping our many physiological systems coordinated.

Sometimes it seems like a battery, with positive and negative poles. The motion keeps our systems charged.

When it goes into stillpoint and the swirly state, its healing energy is optimizing our energetic patterns that augment our wellbeing, so that when the Tide returns, we’re operating better.

While I was waiting to find it this morning, I noticed energy in the palms of my hands, where we have chakras.

Good. I can use it later today at work.

I felt my ajna third-eye chakra open but not so much radiance at my face today.

Some days are like that.

2 thoughts on “Seeking, finding, losing, refinding the Tide

  1. I love your perceptions. I can’t say I am aware of the tide like you are. I at times feel a pulse moving through me. I do a lot of Wim Hoff breathing and some pranayamas from yoga.


  2. I love it when people share their kinesthetic perceptions, and so I share mine. There’s a lot of misperceptions about the body, and also about meditation.

    I love breathwork! Not very familiar with Wim Hoff breathing.

    If you want to sense your own tide, you can bring your awareness to your central channel between crown and pelvic floor, and at some point you’ll sense an upward or downward motion. It may be partial, not the full length of the torso. If you keep at it, it becomes clearer.


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