Day 60: The Tide, regulation, well-being

My Biodynamic Meditation this morning started with 7 Bhastrikas, sukhasana, and radiance at my face.

Then, sensing the Tide, mixed with monkey mind, until stillness prevailed.

The Tide seems to be a fundamental part of our well-being.

It’s so close, yet most of us don’t know about it until someone tells us, and even then it takes motivation to deepen our perception and discover it in ourselves.

There’s no science on it (yet), but it seems obvious that something so regular is actually regulating something.

It doesn’t work with any particular system of the body, although it seems likely it’s related to the movement of cerebrospinal fluid within the membranes that surround our brains and spinal cords, that moves up and down.

In Craniosacral Biodynamics, there are multiple Tides that practitioners experience.

In Biodynamic Meditation, it doesn’t matter which one you perceive. There’s just Tide.

Our bodies have many systems: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, immune, reproductive, skeletal, etc.

The Tide touches them all.

Can you even imagine the coordination it takes for all these systems to work together harmoniously inside each of our bodies?

Perhaps the Tide is the unifier, the coordinator, the director. It seems to be made of life force energy.

This is why, when people feel “off”, like their systems are out of whack and well-being is not happening, they come get Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions.

After following the motions of the Tide, it settled in my pelvis and did some healing work there.

Art by Lucy Campbell,

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