Biodynamic Meditation: awareness of internal sensations

The three most basic skills of meditation are posture, internal awareness, and returning to internal awareness when the mind wanders.

Many meditation practices begin with breathwork to bring awareness into the body and to cultivate a state of calm.

In Biodynamic Meditation, the next step is awareness of sensations, without any judgment or story, just simple awareness, nerves transmitting sensations to the brain.

Some people are internally oriented, and it will take less practice to maintain awareness of their sensations.

Others, like me, have worked at it for a long time. It does get easier with practice.

Your body is your vehicle for living, after all!

I stayed focused on my internal sensations most of the time in today’s Biodynamic Meditation.

I started with 10 physiological sighs. (See yesterday’s post for more on this.)

I noticed the Tide moving up and down my central energy channel briefly.

I noticed sensations of energy moving at my sit bones and in my pelvis.

Then, rising to my heart and pausing there for a little while.

Then it moved to my cranium and hung out around my left temple, sometimes radiating out to the top of my left ear, sometimes feeling small adjustments where my cranial bones meet in that area.

This was a slow swirl of energy moving with healing intention to address places in my body-mind system where an energy pattern or tissue pattern was inertial, stuck, out of balance.

This self-healing energy doesn’t care how it got stuck. It’s all about liberating stuck energy, returning it to wholeness and health.

This healing intention exists within you, too, and I’d love to help you find it.

It was still working there when my Insight Timer went off after 30 minutes.

It’s still happening as I write this.

Thanks to @dreamarz for the Craniosacral Biodynamics session yesterday.

Painting by Ukrainian-American artist Anton Pavlenko,

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