The quality of attention matters in self-healing

Years ago, a Zen teacher gave me a koan, a topic of inquiry: whole body awareness.

I started exploring this, and when I reported a discovery, she’d say, “That’s one way.”

That inquiry changed my life, and it’s ongoing.

In Biodynamic Meditation, the quality of our attention matters.

There’s the object of our attention. Is it small, large, near, far, internal, external? Known or unknown? Whole or a part?

How are we using our attention? Are we seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, or a blend?

What is the intensity of our attention? Is it focused or panoramic? Is it casual gazing, looking away, coming back? Narrow or diffused?

Where is our attention located? In our head, heart, above, behind, in front, somewhere else?

My Biodynamic Meditation today started with 10 physiological sighs. I brought my attention to my central energy channel. I followed the motion of the Tide.

I don’t remember the Tide going into a stillpoint. If it did, it was brief.

When the Tide or a stillpoint enters the swirly state can be hard to discern. The motion can slow down, stop, or speed up, and it can deviate from the midline.

The healing energy today paused at my throat chakra.

It then moved up to my third eye chakra and up my forehead.

As I’ve mentioned before, my head is being subtly reshaped over time.

My best guess is it’s from birth dynamics and past head injuries.

The sensation was a little painful, as if strains in the dura mater and cranial bone tissues and sutures were being addressed.

I will not be surprised if the healing energy returns to this area.

We are simply made of patterns. Biodynamic Meditation and Craniosacral Biodynamics are ways to optimize our patterns from the inside out.

2 thoughts on “The quality of attention matters in self-healing

  1. I love all the subtleties you bring to our attention. There really are many layers to energy. The healing energy to your dura mater sounds very powerful.


    • It was very powerful, and it’s not the first time I’ve experienced strains in my dura mater release. Most are on the left side of my cranium.

      I’ve studied the birth process, and it’s hard on babies, who have to squeeze past two bony passages, twisting and turning just so, to come out into the world. Many or most of us have strain patterns from birth. It’s important that new parents take their babies to a craniosacral therapist trained to work with infants.

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