Let what wants to happen, happen

When I wake up too early, I listen to a Yoga Nidra guided meditation on YouTube, led by Liam Gillen.

That happened this morning.

I’d stopped it from playing about halfway through the last time I listened so I could sleep.

This morning it started where I’d left off, and I realized I’d never heard the second half of it!!

It’s that good at getting me to sleep.

What I heard was a guided tour of the chakras, moving energy up the central channel, chakra by chakra, from root to crown.

I listened and went back to sleep. Woke again a bit later, and my second chakra was “glowing” as he calls it.

When I did my Biodynamic Meditation just now, that chakra was wide open the whole time.

Svadisthana (swad-is-TAHN-a in Sanskrit) is the sacral chakra, which influences pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, connection, fun, engagement, kundalini energy.

My sacral chakra has been rather quiet for a while, but I am tending to relationship issues this year, so this is apt.

A big part of Biodynamic Meditation is getting into the posture, quieting the mind, tuning into the physical and energy bodies, and letting what wants to happen, happen.

I also had radiance at my face, a bit of Tide, some swirliness.

I feel like dancing, dancing!

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