Changes over time from daily Biodynamic Meditation

Today’s Biodynamic Meditation was different.

Radiance at my face from the start, after 5 physiological sighs.

Tide moving up and down in my central energy channel.

No stillpoint unless it was brief, more of a pause.

Then…sensations in the skin, especially of my arms and legs. Pleasurable.

I haven’t experienced the sensations of healing energy in my skin before during meditation the way I did today, lasting for most of the session. The sensations until now have mostly been in my torso and head.

I felt lymph moving like water under the skin of my left thigh. That’s a first during meditation.

Legs. Arms. Hands. Feet.

Some swirliness in my pelvic region.

I’m on Day 69 of Biodynamic Meditation, and my experience has changed considerably from when I first started this challenge back in November.

I still do breathwork to start, and I’ve changed the type, from bhastrika to physiological sigh, and it seems my monkey mind is quieter now.

I feel radiance at my face right away, most of the time.

The Tide can appear briefly or for longer.

Stillpoints can occur briefly or for longer, or not at all.

Perhaps the healing energy knows my system so well by now that it doesn’t usually need stillpoints to set the stage for reorganization. It gets right to it.

I welcome this!

The energy of self-healing, aka the inherent healing process, can go anywhere in my system and is active for most of my sessions (usually 30 minutes).

It can make tiny movements, like drawing with a fine tip pen.

It can make broad sweeps.

Move very slowly. Move very quickly.

I want to keep collaborating with it.

I also want to thank the people who have told me in person that they follow these posts and meditate along with me.

It’s lovely to get feedback when you put a new offering out into the world!

Close up of a white stone statue of Buddha, showing clasped hands in his lap above his legs and feet, holding magenta flowers.

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