You are magic and can do anything!

Tuesday is magic skeleton day! You can do anything!

Did you even know that your bones are 31 percent water?

My Biodynamic Meditation this morning had a lot of Tide moving in my central energy channel.

The swirliness settled in the lower part of my sacrum and then in my sphenoid.

The sphenoid is a mostly hidden bone that many are unaware of.

It sits behind our eyes and in front of our ears at the base of our brains.

It’s shaped like a moth, with wings that come out to our temples and legs that extend down into the back of our upper jaws.

Our internal jaw muscles are attached to the sphenoid. (My other specialty is TMJ Relief.)

The sphenoid holds the pituitary in a cute little saddle!

It touches 12 other cranial bones, and to craniosacral therapists, it’s “THE bone”.

In craniosacral biodynamics, we work with the whole body and biofield…and our profession got its start from an investigation of the cranial bones well over a century ago.

Today I could sense adjustments at the greater wings, particularly where they meet the temporals, on both sides at once.

As I’ve mentioned before, I can sense my head slowly reshaping itself in these biodynamic meditations.

This is likely from the challenge of being born as well as several previous head injuries.

I don’t work with infants at present, but my officemate Liz Baker does.

As for head injuries, it’s never too late for improvements.

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