Self-healing starts with intention

My intent when starting today’s Biodynamic Meditation was to keep my attention focused more on my sensation, with little distraction from my monkey mind.

It worked.

Intention is so powerful. It’s like making a promise to yourself and then honoring it.

I followed the Tide for about 10 minutes.

The more you follow the Tide, the easier it becomes to follow. You are carving a path of awareness with your attention and intention.

The Tide then settled into a stillpoint in my cranium, which was already lit up with radiance at my face as soon as I finished my initial breathwork of 5 physiological sighs.

Experiencing this radiance AND a cranial stillpoint at the same time feels like effervescence, like sparkling energy around and in my head.

Then the stillpoint became swirly, moving in non-Tidal motion, seeking where healing is needed.

I understand healing now to be simply optimizing energy patterns that organize our tissues.

It settled in my upper abdomen, in the solar plexus area slightly to the right of my midline.

This could be stomach or liver or omentum. Don’t know.

The sensation of swirliness condensed and focused in this area.

In order to not interfere with the inherent healing process, I stayed still and took my attention wide, as if my midline is in the middle of a big dome that extends to the horizon, 360 degrees around me.

Several times, I felt the energy condense and release.

And then my timer went off.

This was a really good session. I’m motivated to focus more on what happens when the swirliness starts.

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