Effervescence and soothing kindness nurture my vitality

My Biodynamic Meditation session this morning was about breath, awareness of my central energy channel, awareness of the Tide moving up and down and then settling at my sacrum as healing energy for a bit, moving up to my solar plexus region, and then to my crown chakra.

The energetic sensation was that of effervescence at my sacrum and my crown, and like soothing kindness at my solar plexus.

I wish I knew what was going on at a cellular level, but science hasn’t gone that far yet. All I can do is share my subjective experience…and wonder if you too might experience these sensations in Biodynamic Meditation sessions.

It feels like goodness. It feels like it’s both nurturing me and strengthening my vitality at the same time.

I’ve been doing these daily meditations of 30 minutes (or more) for 9 weeks now. I feel more resourceful and resilient.

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