Sensing swirliness is sensing your body healing itself

What is this swirliness that I sometimes sense in my Biodynamic Meditation sessions?

Another name for it is the inherent healing process.

Synonyms for inherent include intrinsic, integral, essential, natural, innate, inborn, inner.

I believe this inherent healing process is available in all of us humans…and Biodynamic Meditation is a path to discovering it in yourself.

To sense our own self-healing, our minds need to be calm, gently focused within on our sensations to the point of familiarity, and receptive to what we notice.

This is the heart of why anyone would want to learn Biodynamic Meditation.

Swirliness is intelligent energy that determines the best process for self-healing.

It seeks, finds, settles, and reorganizes energy patterns that underlie our tissue issues. It optimizes these patterns.

It’s aware of what is ready for healing…and what is not. It has a agenda of healing what’s ready to heal. Sometimes healing is incremental. It returns for more optimization.

It lives in us and knows us so much better than we can ever know ourselves.

Hello, my cells! Hello, my vitality!

Today my Biodynamic Meditation session started with radiance at my face and two minutes of physiological sighs.

Then the monkey mind/Tide swing dance happened.

How many times did I note “thinking”? Lots.

Settling into sensing, I noticed the Tide moving up and down my central energy channel.

It paused at my heart center and moved up into my cranium and then made slow swirls at the interior of the crown of my head.

So…I was sitting here with radiance at my face, slow swirliness in my brain, and my crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras all open.


I deliberately brought my attention to my pelvis after the timer went off to ground and embody the changes in today’s sessions.

Even now after writing this, I still feel radiance at my face.

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