Every human has a central energy channel

“We are exploring what we’re exploring with.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

I’ve been looking for an image showing the central energy channel through which the Tide flows in Biodynamic Meditation (and Craniosacral Biodynamics).

This one is closer to what I experience than most of the images.

There are maps…and then there’s the territory. Conceptual information and felt experience.

IMO, we need maps to show us where we’re going. The territory is what we’re exploring.

In yoga anatomy, the sushumna nadi is the channel that connects the crown of the head to the pelvic floor.

Alongside it, usually shown interweaving with chakras, are the ida and pingala nadis.

I experience them as one strong central channel.

This is the channel to tune into when seeking the Tide. Every human has this central channel.

Practicing yoga (any kind of yoga) can help the channel strengthen as it also cultivates your awareness of it.

There are numerous options! You can do Yoga with Adriene (my Austin home girl) at home on YouTube for free if you prefer.

After I’d done 7 bhastrikas and settled into sukhasana, I brought my attention there…and felt my central channel get stronger and clearer.

Monkey mind was less active than usual.

The Tide — the sensation of energy flowing in the vertical plane — paused to open my heart chakra.

I felt radiance at my face and my ajna third-eye chakra open.

And then swirliness in my pelvis.

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