My bodywork and changework practice

I do bodywork at my downtown Austin, Texas, USA, studio, specializing in both Ashiatsu barefoot massage and craniosacral therapy. I offer clinical treatment for TMJ (jaw) issues. I also provide integrated Swedish massage.

To read more about my offerings or to make an appointment, please click the Schedule Now menu to access my online booking site.

If you’d like to receive my occasional newsletter (no more than once a month), please email me at Continue reading

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The dancing spinal cord

Just added to my Favorite Quotes page:

A revelation for me was a conversation I once had with a radiologist. I asked, of all the amazing things he had seen, what stood out in his memory as the most miraculous?

He said it was seeing a living spinal cord for the first time. I was surprised, as I had seen spinal cords only after dissection. They looked like a bunch of yellowish wires hanging down, like tentacles of a dead jellyfish.

I asked him what he meant. He said, “It looks like it’s dancing to the Rolling Stones.” He said in a living person the spinal cord is constantly and rhythmically moving. ~ David Lauterstein


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We’ve Met our Amplify Austin $10K Goal – Keep the Momentum Going!

MaryAnn Reynolds:

Awesome post about the work Truth Be Told is doing, and raising funds to spread the work and transform more lives, generations, and communities.

Originally posted on Truth Be Told:

Ready or not, here comes the 24-hour online fundraiser! Amplify Austin is Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to Friday, 6:00 p.m.

Amplify Austin_UFCU_LogoTruth Be Told supporters have energized the build up to Thursday by creating their own fundraising campaigns, reaching out to their networks, scheduling donations, and raising matching funds. We are on track to meet our $10,000 goal, but like any race, we need a strong finish. And what feels better than exceeding a goal? Please continue to spread the good news about our work with incarcerated women and help us to Amplify Truth Be Told.

It is wonderful to see the 27 “Friend of Truth Be Told” personal fundraising campaigns that take up two whole pages on the Amplify site. We are definitely in the running for the $5,000 prize that goes to the nonprofit with the most fundraising campaigns. It is easy to get excited about the numbers…

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Letters to the Future

Have you ever wished your ancestors could talk to you and tell you what their times were like? Not what the history books say, but what their own lives were like and what they were aware of in the world. Continue reading

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Incorporating NLP into bodywork sessions: two stories

I want to share a couple of stories about how I’ve used my NLP training (practitioner, master practitioner, advanced techniques) to help my bodywork clients with issues in their lives.

One client, a creative musician and jewelry maker who comes in for Ashiatsu and occasionally Swedish, mentioned that she had been plagued by an inner voice that sounded just like the voice of her father, a critical man who had belittled her up until his death. She felt depressed and stuck, unable to move forward with her creative projects. His voice still haunted her long after his death. (What a sad legacy to leave.) Continue reading

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Beautiful movements: murmuration, Northern lights, primary respiration

When birds do this, it’s called a murmuration, and it’s a wonder of nature.


Love this beautiful video below of the Northern lights.

In biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions, we get in touch with movements like these within and around the human body. Called primary respiration, the long tide, or the breath of life, these are the movements of the fluid body (emotional body) healing itself according to its own agenda, called the inherent treatment plan.

It arises from stillness and silence.

Experiencing this in your body is a mysterious, beautiful miracle of nature.

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Note to self: remember this next time I get sick of myself

There’s nothing like it.

My mind can be going 1,000 miles per hour, worrying life like a dog worries a bone, oh so busy “figuring things out.” Making Plans A and B, sometimes C and D. Analyzing. Focusing on what is wrong: I should be making more money, should spend more time Continue reading

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No more ads!

The day I saw a McDonald’s ad on my blog was the day I decided never to run ads again, unless I had control over who advertised. Continue reading

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